Defense attorneys ripped the conviction of a Black man who stood his ground in Georgia.

Marc Wilson was found guilty of manslaughter but acquitted of murder in a case centered on race.

William Marcius Wilson is accused of murder for what his lawyers say was a classic Stand Your Ground case of self-defense. The judge issued a gag order and continued a preliminary hearing over COVID-19 concerns.

William Marcus Wilson should be held to the same legal standards as white defendants who cite Georgia's Stand Your Ground laws, defense attorneys said in the case of a Black driver killing a white teen in a truck chasing him.

Surveillance footage of Matthew Ajibade’s January arrest has been released, showing the moments before he was found dead while strapped to a restraint chair in Savannah, Georgia. Jurors watched the footage on Wednesday during day two of the trial against two former Chatham County Jail workers and a healthcare worker, according to WTOC. Former officers Jason Kenny, Maxine Evans, […]