Morgan State University won a three-year, $1.6 million Aerospace Workforce and Leadership Development Grant.

A new study says Black students are disproportionately pursuing low-wage college degrees. The economic consequences add to the growing income gap.

NewsOne continues our weekly events calendar for Chicagoans looking to network with tech professionals or meet a legend in food franchising

After executives were slammed last year over low diversity numbers, Google is stepping up to help make Silicon Valley less homogenous and spread the wealth in one of the best paid industries in the nation. The Mountain View, California tech giant is trying to draw more women and people of color into the industry with […]

Enjoying career success is easier if you are in the right industry. At the First Annual Diversity Affluence Brunch in Silicon Valley, in Palo Alto, Calif. earlier this spring, Shellye Archambeau, CEO of MetricStream, revealed how she chose her path to success. She heads a company that provides governance, risk, and compliance cloud apps, among other business solutions, and […]

Despite the fact that we have Black people in positions of power throughout government, including the White House, Black economic progress won’t necessarily come from the political arena going forward. So says someone who used to work for that White House, tasked with fostering the growth of “green” jobs in urban and vulnerable communities. “The future is […]

The first African-American to own a NASCAR racing team will link up with the organization again in an executive role for one of its most important foundations: The NASCAR STEM Initiative. As part of a larger education program called the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge, the NASCAR STEM Initiative uses its powerful name brand (and extremely […]