Stem Cells

Scientists are developing meat made from test-tubes. Patrick Brown, a molecular biologist at Stanford University claims that meat made from test-tubes that will taste just like meat from animals will be available later this year. Mark Post a scientist from the Netherlands is planning on growing small lab grown pieces of meat and developing them […]

SAN FRANCISCO – Several scientific journals are calling Timothy Ray Brown the first man cured of AIDS. Brown was diagnosed with HIV in 1996 but now the virus has been completely removed from his body thanks to stem cells. CBS San Francisco reports: “I’m cured of HIV. I had HIV but I don’t anymore,” he […]

Germany — Doctors in Germany have claimed that they have cured a man with HIV through a stem cell transplant. Aidsmap reports: Doctors who carried out a stem cell transplant on an HIV-infected man with leukemia in 2007 say they now believe the man to have been cured of HIV infection as a result of […]

A US court on Monday issued a temporary halt to federal funding of embryonic stem cell research which President Barack Obama had authorized, saying it involved the destruction of human embryos.