A recent study by Dr. Paula Braveman has found that disparities in preterm birth rates between Black and white women in the U.S. are directly or indirectly attributed to racism

As state-level hate crimes ticked upwards during Trump's presidency, a new study reveals Black students enrolled at historically Black colleges and universities in higher numbers.


Moving beyond rhetoric and aspirations, a report by the Center for the Study of HBCUs provides the Biden-Harris administration with a six-tiered proposal, fostering meaningful investment for HBCUs.

A new report by the Thurgood Marshall Institute breaks it down.

Desegregation has stalled, showing growing disparities - especially for poor Black and Hispanic students.

The stigma against the termination of unwanted pregnancies has changed over the years, and now, a recent study reveals that the majority of women who have had an abortion do not regret their decision. A study by PLOS ONE at the University of California showed 95 percent of women who terminated their pregnancy believe that the choice was […]

Police Brutality

News stories in recent week have directed the public’s attention toward the issues of police brutality and domestic violence. It’s perhaps natural then that researchers are looking into the intersection of the two with, some would say, shocking results. It turns out that rates of domestic violence are two to four times higher in the law-enforcement […]


The Wonkblog over at the Washington Post has a pretty interesting write-up of new research from the Public Religion Research Institute. In a study of race and friendship, PRRI found that a large majority (75 percent) of whites have “entirely white social networks without any minority presence.” And, for what it’s worth, the same holds true for less than two thirds of Blacks. […]

Experts agree that one aspect of health disparities in poorer communities is linked the lack of affordable access to fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and other hallmarks of healthy nutrition. But, according to a new study, a new food concept may help relieve this problem, thus expanding the world of healthy eating to at-need families. Essentially, […]

According to a new study, the painkiller acetaminophen — best known as Tylenol — does not help treat a particular type of pain. The researchers found the drug was no more effective than a dummy pill for more than 1,600 people suffering from acute lower back pain. Besides showing no effect in easing discomfort, the […]

According to HealthDay, too much Twitter can be bad for you…or rather, for your relationship. “There’s been growing literature that these social networking sites may directly impair communications between partners, and that can lead to increasing jealousy,” said Dr. Scott Krakower, assistant unit chief of psychiatry at Zucker Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks, N.Y. “You’re […]


Unemployed Blacks More Resilient During Job Search than Whites The so-called recovery of the US economy has not been equally kind to everyone. Even as the unemployment rate has remained steady at 6.3% last month, the unemployment rate for African Americans, coming in at 11.5%, is currently more than twice as high as that for white Americans. Last month, […]