The NYPD said it will use drones for the Labor Day weekend as the annual West Indian Day Parade is held in a move that harkens back to post-9/11 surveillance tactics.


The move to stop government silence on surveillance.

Chicago's Independent Police Review authority, which investigates claims of misconduct and excessive force, released the videos derived from 101 cases.


The Department of Homeland Security has made it their business to keep tabs on Black Lives Matter activists since the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri following the state-sanctioned killing of Michael Brown, The Intercept reports. The Intercept obtained “hundreds of documents” through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that detail intensive surveillance that could possibly be […]

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Since Edward Snowden disclosed private National Security Agency documents to media outlets last year, President Barack Obama urged Americans that he will take issues of privacy in to account and announced a ban on the surveillance of leaders. While some Americans may be caught up in the idea that our privacy is being invaded, it’s […]