Angelo Black suffered brain damage after a Gwinnett cop tased him in "midair" and he landed on his head, a federal lawsuit claims.


Alabama police killed Jawan Harris after mistaking him for a burglar, lawyers said.

Police Brutality

Jerry Blasingame, who was paralyzed after Atlanta Police Officer Jon Grubbs Tasered him in 2018, has been awarded $100 million by a jury.

Black community members consistently have to worry about the use of excessive force in their interactions with the police.


A police officer in Washington, D.C., had some questions to answer after a video showed him using a Taser on an unarmed Black man who didn’t appear to pose any threat.

The police are denying tasing while the man is holding the baby -- even though it's on video.

Sean Williams, 27, is fighting back against Lancaster Police.

The video of 27-year-old Sean Williams being tased has gone viral.

A federal probe cleared South Boston, Virginia, officers who discharged their Tasers 20 times while Linwood Lambert was shackled.

Pasadena's police chief released a video of a Black man who died after being tasered. The man's partner said the police used excessive force and knew he was mentally ill.

There's anecdotal evidence of police excessive use of Tasers on students. But no one is keeping track.

Authorities say they were called to a local Taco Bell in Madison, Wisconsin, where they allegedly found Genele Laird yielding a knife.