Dubbed TGL, the league will intertwine live-action golf matches with advanced tech features, including a “data-rich” virtual course that encompasses a “tech-infused, short-game complex.” The newly created league will feature six teams that each include three PGA TOUR competitors.  

NBA star Pascal Siakam donated over 150 laptops to youth in Toronto.

Legendary rapper Method Man has teamed up with Intercept Music to empower independent music artists to have ownership of their intellectual property.

Serena Williams has joined forces with the company Karat to increase the representation of Black engineers in tech.

Clark Atlanta University has received an $11.8 million endowment for the creation of a knowledge-focused metaverse hub.

The United Negro College Fund has launched an online platform dubbed HBCUv to advance digital learning and cultivate community.

Songstress Ashanti has made history as the first Black woman music artist to be the co-founder of a Web3 platform.

Entrepreneur Judith Jacques-Laguerre founded Black Women in Media to amplify the accomplishments and celebrate the brilliance of Black women.

LeBron James has teamed up with for the creation of a cryptocurrency education program for youth.

NFL player Emmanuel Ellerbee has founded a nonprofit designed to introduce student-athletes to STEM.

Clark Atlanta University has joined Apple and Tennessee State University’s tech education initiative.

Pharrell Williams recently awarded $1 million to a Black-owned tech startup.