A federal appeals court upheld an Ohio law that strips Planned Parenthood of government funding.

A federal judge issued a permanent injunction that prevents the Trump administration from cutting funding to an Obama-era teen pregnancy prevention program.

Another government crackdown on women of color.


The level of violence at GOP front-runner Donald Trump‘s rallies continues to rise. According to reports, a police car was wrecked outside of a rally that took place in Orange County on Thursday night. A mix of anti-Trump demonstrators and his supporters gathered outside of the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa where the campaign event […]

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even though the pregnancy rate for teens between 15 and 17 seems to be declining, a quarter of all teen births still occur in this age group. The number? About 1,700 births a week. “We can’t be complacent when we hear about these declines,” said Ileana […]


Pregnancy rates among Black teenagers is on a steady decline, according to a recent study by the National Center For Health Statistics, which is a part of the Centers For Disease Control. SEE ALSO: First Class Travel: Best Getaways For A Quick Escape [VIDEO] Between 1990 and 2009, pregnancy rates fell by 51 percent  for […]

Instead of taking a page from New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and slut-shaming teen girls into abstinence, the Chicago Department of Public Health has reframed the conversation to focus on potential teen fathers who — in keeping with the gender double standard in this patriarchal society — tend to dodge the stigma of early parenthood. […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday endorsed but said he did not steer his administration’s decision to halt the over-the-counter sale of an anti-pregnancy drug to girls under 17, saying it was common sense to keep a morning-after pill away for children who may misuse it. Citing his own daughters, he said: “I think […]

WASHINGTON — The nation’s health secretary says young teenagers cannot buy the Plan B morning-after pill without a prescription – a surprise move overruling her own experts, who were preparing to let it be sold on drugstore shelves like condoms. SEE ALSO: How Jerry Sandusky Played The New York Times Worst Kardashian Lawsuits

The government is weighing in on whether the morning after emergency contraceptive should be sold to all buyers regardless of their age. SEE ALSO: How Jerry Sandusky Played The New York Times Worst Kardashian Lawsuits

TOPPENISH, WASHINGTON– Gaby Rodriguez, a straight-A high school student faked being pregnant for six months for her senior project on “Stereotypes, Rumors and Statistics.”

Popeater is reporting on a disturbing recent trend among young women, who are getting pregnant with the hopes of appearing on MTV’s “Teen Mom” Now that ‘Teen Mom’ cast members like Amber Portwood are in their twenties, MTV is looking for a new crop of teenage girls to keep its monster hits ‘Teen Mom’ and […]