Police Brutality

The Hamilton County District Attorney's Office is investigating an incident in which Black DoorDash employee Delane Gordon was pulled over in Collegedale, Tennessee. Gordon was tased after an officer demanded he exit the vehicle and he responded by asking to see a supervisor.

Race Matters

Former Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Beck was indicted on rape and sexual battery charges after he was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl. His plea deal of aggravated assault allowed him to avoid jail time in the same county that put Pam Moses in prison for six years for registering to vote illegally.

Listed are 10 popular books about the black American experience that republicans want to ban.


Pam “P” Moses, of Memphis, Tennessee, was sentenced to six years in prison Monday after she was convicted in November for registering to vote while ineligible to do so.

74-year-old Black woman named Joyce Watkins was accused of murdering her four-year-old niece back in 1987. She has been officially exonerated after spending over two-and-a-half decades behind bars.

Race Matters

Bitsy Brennan was fired from her job and her son, Edward Brennan, was arrested on assault charges after a video went viral showing them confronting Black man Johnny Martinez, who was doing his job and checking for parking permits in a parking garage in Nashville, Tennessee.

A black man in Tennessee was granted a new trial after his jury deliberated in a room with multiple Confederate symbols hanging from the wall.

Race Matters

The Williamson County branch of conservative parents group "Moms for Liberty" filed a complaint claimijng books on Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges and more are "Anti-American" and "Anti-White," as well as guilty of promoting a "slanted obsession with historical mistakes."

According to WREG, as of Nov. 8, there have been 268 homicides in Memphis which is outpacing the cities record-breaking murder count from 2020


Police reported that 26-year-old Dezire Baganda was sitting at the front of the Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church when he pulled his gun and walked up to the altar where Pastor Ezekiel Ndikumana was praying with several members of the church. Fortunately, Ndikumana tackled Baganda before anyone was hurt.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit last Thursday against the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company in Clarksville, Tenn., which is is accused of violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act by openly discriminating against its Black employees.

Mark Hazelwood, who is on trial for fraud, has claimed without proof that the Black judge presiding over his trial is a so-called reverse racist and must recuse himself because of that alleged bias against people suspected of white-collar crimes.