Racist NYPD officer Michael Reynolds resigns prior to disciplinary case being launched.

Good News

A Tennessee-based barber gives discounts to children who read books while getting their hair cut.

She was only 16 when she was charged with murder.

She was a survivor of sexual assault and is being criminalized.

Good News

Civil Rights leader Rev. James Lawson will be honored with the creation of a scholarship in his name at Vanderbilt University.

Brown was 16 when she was convicted of first-degree murder.

Lipscomb University president Randy Lowry is under fire for displaying cotton-stalk centerpieces and serving stereotypical foods, including collard greens, at a dinner for African-American students.


Lexi Carter, a Black woman from Tennessee, claims that her White doctor James Turner called her “Aunt Jemima” during an appointment.


Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed the Tennessee Infants Protection Act into law on Friday.