Three Jehovah’s Witnesses saw Pitbulls biting viciously on a an elderly woman begging for help, according to Black Media Scoop. SEE ALSO: Zoo Penguin Escapes From Sea Life Park Tornado Reunited With Cat On Camera [VIDEO] ‘LIKE’ NewsOne’s FB Page To Stay Up On Black News From Around The World So they started hurling Bibles […]

While nursing home admissions is on the rise for Black, Latino and Asian elders, admissions for white elders fell 10 percent causing some to ask is there white flight in nursing homes. See also: Americans ‘Very Concerned’ GOP Budget Will Force Elderly From Nursing Homes A new study published in Health Affairs, a journal on health […]

Blacks in nursing homes are more likely than whites to suffer pressure ulcers and damage to bones and muscles due to differences in the quality of care that both groups receive. The disparities arise in homes where there are a number of predominately black or white patients, not that homes are treating whites better than […]

Senior citizens who are black are more likely to be the victims of psychological and financial abuse as elders of other races.