Angel Reese initially declined after Jill Biden invited Iowa too.

Jill Biden has reversed her unprecedented White House invitation to both NCAA women's basketball champions LSU and the Iowa runners-up.


White House 2022 HBCU Scholar Miykael Stith tells NewsOne about his experience representing Fort Valley State University in the nation's capital.

Good News

Michelle Obama’s second memoir ‘The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times’ is slated to hit bookshelves in November.

The new White House Office of Public Engagement director started without an office in the White House, which some co-workers reportedly found disrespectful.

Good News

Jacob Philadelphia—the youngster featured in the memorable 'Hair Like Mine' photo with former President Barack Obama 13 years ago—received a call from the former POTUS ahead of his high school graduation.

Senior Advisor to the president, Cedric Richmond, said the bipartisan infrastructure framework was designed to address issues disproportionately impacting Black and other communities of color.

The current DOJ is still trying to make Omarosa Manigault Newman pay tens of thousands of dollars that Trump's administration first demanded she fork over on a technicality for incomplete paperwork.

Republicans's reaction to a morbid White House joke about John McCain's health was a far cry from their silence after the president offended the pregnant widow of a soldier killed in combat.

Trump has been bragging about jobs, but the White House resignation floodgates just can’t seem to stay shut.

While Black people typically been forgiving, this time it's important not to forget that Bob Corker has repeatedly defended Trump's blatant racism.