The Republican megadonor lavished the Supreme Court justice with gifts that have been compared to bribes.


The Supreme Court's affirmative action decision willfully ignored this country's persistent vestiges of racial discrimination and inequality, New York Congressman Gregory Meeks writes in this op-ed.


Ferguson Movement leader Tory Russell reacts to the Supreme Court judge's concurring opinion.

White women for decades have benefitted the most from affirmative action, even thought they're among those who oppose it the most. It's not irony, it's just America.

Leaders at Black colleges explain the potential benefits and definite negatives of the ruling.

The respective affirmative action dissent and concurring from Ketanji Brown Jackson and Clarence Thomas, the only Black Supreme Court judges, couldn't be more different. Read them here.

Race Matters

The decision from a conservative-leaning court reversed decades of precedent to prevent colleges from considering race in admissions. “The Supreme Court just stuck a dagger in the back of Black America," Rev. Al Sharpton said.


Black voters in Alabama, and across the country, will retain the last remaining voter rights protections, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling.

Black leaders are hailing the Supreme Court ruling upholding voting rights in Alabama as a huge win while also expressing cautious optimism about what comes next.

The associate justice's issued a nearly 50-page opinion railing against the Supreme Court's surprise ruling to reject racial gerrymandering in favor of redrawing majority Republican voting district lines in Alabama.


From enrollment to graduation rates, a ban on affirmative action has outsized consequences for students who are not white.