University of Georgia

A fraternity expelled four University of Georgia students who were made a racist video.

Mary Frances Early, the University of Georgia’s first Black graduate, will be honored by the institution.

Three students at the University of Georgia made history as the first Black students to hold the top three positions within the student government.

The University of Georgia is researching slave remains from more than 100 graves found on campus and later reinterred, according to new reports.

A petition was recently launched in an effort to get Williams fired from the ABC show Grey's Anatomy.

Fear of the Ebola virus has spread to the halls of higher education, spurring decisions to shun Africans in the name of safety.  According to reports, officials at the University Of South Florida, St. Petersburg disinvited 14 journalists from African countries who were slated to visit the school as a part of the Edward R. Murrow […]