Research suggests that whenever a Black student’s status as valedictorian or salutatorian is questioned, it pays to ask questions. Is it being questioned for a legitimate reason? Or might racism or white fragility be at play?

Administration officials at West Point Consolidated School District located in West Point, are currently being dragged over allegations of racism and white privilege after two Black teens were forced to share the titles with two white students.

For the first time in its 274-year history, Princeton University has a Black valedictorian.

#BlackGirlMagic: Chicago twins were named co-valedictorians of their high school.

14-year-old Sydney Wilson is the youngest student to be admitted into Spelman College.

A growing number of schools are changing how they bestow valedictorian honor or doing away with it altogether.

Rhonda E. Davis—a 60-year-old Philadelphia grandmother—was named Cheyney University’s Class of 2019 valedictorian.

#BlackExcellence: Kellin McGowan became the first Black student in St. Thomas High School's history to be named valedictorian.

A Louisiana community celebrates the valedictorian banned from graduation ceremony over his refusal to shave his facial hair. The case raised questions about school districts selectively enforcing its policies.

Black woman graduates as first valedictorian at the world's first school of dentistry. She was just one of 10 Black female students in a graduating class of 130 students.