Vice President Kamala Harris

She spent part of her day Thursday speaking with families eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program in North Carolina.

If people want to be upset about comparison points during slavery, they don’t have to look any further than Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion in Dobbs.

Kamala Harris had a long list of positive actions to report at the NAACP's annual convention.

Read Vice President Kamala Harris' address to the 113th annual NAACP Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The vice president noted the intersection between states denying bodily autonomy and those restricting access to the ballot.

Black voters remain the most solid group supporting the president, albeit not as many.

This is the first time the vice president was able to attend an Easter service in person due to COVID-19. 

Harris reaffirmed the administration's commitment to full securing the right to vote and protecting access to democracy.

Harris' remarks, couched in the civil rights movement's legacy, push back on the idea that people can wait for a better time to pass voting rights legislation.

Biden's challenge Tuesday wasn't just to Senate holdouts, but for those who are waiting for some return to civility that has never existed for Black and other communities of color.

The president's comments Friday reflect a significant turn from early remarks such as telling people they will have to out-organize voter suppression yet again.  

Harris is not beyond critique, but the fixation on picking apart every little action she takes is beyond ridiculous. Black immigration activists taking issue with Harris telling people not to come here as a solution to the immigration crisis was valid. It's quite rich that people like Noonan complain that Harris isn't taking things "seriously" when the president, her supervisor, seems to be at times out of touch with our current reality.