Two white men were fined more than $1 million for orchestrating a robocall scheme to keep Black New Yorkers from voting in the 2020 election.

Lawmakers also passed a "voter suppression" bill.

Thousands of Alabama voters got wrong polling information.


Under the guise of voting registration list maintenance, election officials are removing scores of voters from the voting rolls.


Multiple polling places in a majority-Black county in Mississippi kept running out of ballots, fueling suspicions of racist voter suppression.


Mississippi police had a checkpoint and roadblocks "next to" the state's largest - and Blackest - polling place in what the NAACP called "voter intimidation."


Given widespread voter purges, advocates are concerned that some voters may be removed from the rolls without their knowledge.


The Jim Crow adjacent tactic wreaking havoc on our communities and cannot be tolerated.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Nearly 200,000 registered voters are at risk.


Wisconsin Elections Commission vice chair Bob Spindell said the quiet part out loud.

It's the same voter suppression, just a new day and a different tactic.

Black voters cast the most ballots as early voting began amid record turnout in the Peach State.