The Jim Crow adjacent tactic wreaking havoc on our communities and cannot be tolerated.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Nearly 200,000 registered voters are at risk.


Wisconsin Elections Commission vice chair Bob Spindell said the quiet part out loud.

It's the same voter suppression, just a new day and a different tactic.

Black voters cast the most ballots as early voting began amid record turnout in the Peach State.

The Black Ballot

Where you are and who you are significantly affect how long it will take you to vote.


Several Republican-led states are facing similar challenges from the Department of Justice.


Our vote determines the fate of legislation in your state and across the nation. Your vote protects the interests of your neighbors, your families, and the promise of a healthier democracy.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is working overtime to enshrine Trump’s big lie into law while minimizing Black and Brown political power.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

In 2020, more than 21,000 Georgians—including Kemp, who requested his ballot on Election Day—cast their ballots within 11 days of the November 3 contest, something that is no longer possible due to the new law.

Former first lady Michelle Obama is kicking off the new year with a message urging Americans to help fight back against voter suppression ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Wednesday's vote is simply about whether the Senate will debate the recently introduced voting rights legislation. Republicans previously filibustered similar attempts to discuss the For the People Act.