Passed in 2021, SB 202 made impacted election administrators' ability to carry out the Georgia Senate runoff election effectively, thanks to the state's Republican-controlled legislature.

If every vote is counted, democracy will have won. 

Voters must see how wins could positively impact their lives.  

The alleged oversight has impacted nearly 65,000 voters, many of whom were Black.

Where you are and who you are significantly affect how long it will take you to vote.

States with the highest spike in purges have a history of voting discrim­in­a­tion. 

The Commission on Civil Rights was formed to help investigate voting and civil rights issues impacting the American people.

Civil rights leaders met with Biden to address efforts to undermine democracy as the midterm elections approach.

Even today, the 19th Amendment doesn’t secure all women of color’s voting rights.

The VRA gave us the power to protect, access, and shape our democracy. We must use it today to build the multi-racial broad-based popular democracy we all need to protect our future and planet.

"This lawsuit reflects our deep commitment to using every available tool to protect all Americans' right to vote," Assistant Attorney General Kirsten Clarke said.

"Scammers" are targeting the historic Black neighborhood of Sunnyside in Harris County.