Voting Rights

Plots to suppress the African American vote date back to the Reconstruction Era. Prior to the Voter Rights Act of 1965, these were some of the more commonly used tactics by conservatives who wanted to keep blacks from voting. SEE ALSO: Why Newt Scares Me Violence In 1873, a gang of whites in Colfax, Louisiana […]

It’s high time we, the majority, take our country back: When certain individuals began chanting their mantra of ‘take our country back’, the rest of us hoped that it wasn’t a subliminal message to strip away this nation’s advancements and take us back to some sort of Jim Crow era. But in such a short […]

This week, conservative-leaning, African-American columnist Juan Williams wrote an op-ed in The Hill defending the right to vote against states that are now imposing restrictive laws such as identification requirements. Citing the Brennan Center for Justice report that up to five million citizens could be denied voting privileges in 2012 due to new state rules, […]

In response to reports that new voter laws could prohibit nearly five million people from voting, Senate Democrats are launching a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the new restrictions. The campaign, called the “2012 Election Protection Project,” will feature online advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, Google and mobile devices. Voting rights for millions of law-abiding […]

WASHINGTON — Lawyers for Shelby County Alabama asked a federal judge in Washington today to declare two key parts of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional because Congress relied on old voting statistics when it extended the historic civil rights law for another 25 years. The case, likely to wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court, […]

Philadelphia (HuffPo)– An African-American woman in Philadelphia reported that staff in a voting center made her affirm that her address was correct by swearing on the Bible. Lindsay Granger, shared her discontent on her personal blog, on the grounds that she is not Christian, and her “hypersensitive” feelings on the history of African-Americans voting rights.

From The American Prospect: Three years after serving a bid for robbery, Glenn Martin tried to register to vote in his state. In New York, formerly incarcerated people are allowed to vote once they complete parole. A few weeks later, the Bronx Board of Elections sent him a letter telling him he wasn’t eligible.