A North Carolina prosecutor declined to charge Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Hash for fatally shooting Jason Walker, who a witness described as "just walking home" when the off-duty cop killed the unarmed Black man in Fayetteville.

A report has found that Jacksonville, Florida police disproportionately target Black residents for pedestrian violations.


Jacksonville's assistant state attorney issued a bulletin to the local police department detailing the proper enforcement of Florida’s pedestrian statutes.

An analysis of Jacksonville, Florida’s pedestrian laws found that the police disproportionately enforce the rules in the Black community.


An African-American man in Florida was accused of jaywalking by a White Sherriff's officer, who threatened him with jail time and wrote him a ticket, after the man had no identification on him in Jacksonville.

A new Las Vegas, Nevada study said that drivers are less likely to stop and pump the brakes for African-American pedestrians, supporting the "walking while Black" phenomenon.

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Since the release of the footage, an online petition has been created to remove Bland from her position at the university. The petition claims Bland brought negative attention to the school. So far, it has gained half of its required signatures.

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With so many stories of African-Americans being abused by local law enforcement, shot by police, beaten by police and killed by police, it would seem as though unpleasant experiences with cops is inevitable for the majority of Black America. We are constantly reminded of these incidents involving local area police by the steady stream videos and […]