HUD's Bridging the Wealth Gap initiative, which will allocate $113 million in funds to help low-income families increase their earned income and improve financial stability.

Black women are increasingly obtaining a number of degrees across majors, but are they really the most college-educated? NewsOne has the receipts.

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Businessman Robert F. Smith has teamed up with the digital money management company Goalsetter to equip Black and Latinx youth with the tools needed to cultivate generational wealth.

Biden is also expected to visit the historic site and spend time with survivors and descendants.

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Killer Mike and Ryan Glover’s digital banking platform Greenwood has secured $40 million in funding.

New data from the Federal Reserve indicates that nearly all families are financially better off from 2013 to 2016, with Black and Latino families experiencing the largest gains.

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The sisters returned home to renew their ties to the community and to honor the big sister who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Compton in 2003.


Key states like North Carolina and Florida have seen a decrease in the number of African-Americans heading to the polls.


Tennis star Serena Williams has been eliminated from the 2016 Rio Olympics.


According to a report released by the Black Youth Project at the Study of Race, Politics and Culture at the University of Chicago, in 2009, 54.4 percent of African-American millennials shared that they’ve personally experienced harassment or violence at the hands of the police or they know someone who has.

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Deborah Owens of The Wealth Coach says that married family households who help out single households financially aren’t building wealth. From lending family money to car repairs, Owens believes that the enabling needs to stop. That way, married households can use their money toward building real wealth. Owens spoke with “NewsOne Now” on other solutions […]

WASHINGTON — The wealth gap between younger and older Americans has stretched to the widest on record, worsened by a prolonged economic downturn that has wiped out job opportunities for young adults and saddled them with housing and college debt. The typical U.S. household headed by a person age 65 or older has a net […]