Tayari Jones' novel An American Marriage explores the impact of wrongful convictions.

A Brooklyn man walked out of prison after serving 25 years of a wrongful conviction linked to a notoriously corrupt NYPD detective.

Lawyers for a New York inmate filed a new motion that seeks to exonerate him of a conviction involving a corrupt former NYPD detective.

One Midwestern prosecutor has been used his influence to expedite plans to continue to prove the innocence of the wrongfully imprisoned.

A judge threw out the wrongful conviction of Lamar Johnson after three new witnesses came forward to say he was not the gunman.

NewsOne Now continues its conversation with Gardner about the process of getting released from prison after serving 27 years.

Annie Dookhan, a former drug lab chemist in Boston, admitted to tampering with evidence in what appeared to be a bid to impress her superiors.

Andrew Wilson is free after serving 32 years of a wrongful conviction in which the prosecutor withheld evidence.

In a trend that has increased over the years, the National Registry of Exonerations reported an astoundingly high amount of exonerations last year, chiefly among minorities.

Alan Newton spent years in a legal battle with the city after he was released from jail in 2006, the NY Daily News reports.

After spending ten years in prison following a wrongful conviction, "one of five men known as the Central Park 5" has donated $190,000 to help others avoid his fate.


After they were wrongfully convicted for the murder of an 11-year-old girl and subsequently forced to spend over 30 years in prison, 51-year-old Henry McCollum and his 47-year-old half-brother Leon Brown have been freed and compensated for the life-changing mistake. The North Carolina brothers were given $750,000 each for their time spent behind bars, but if […]