Good News

The first monument honoring the bravery and heroism of Black U.S. veterans was unveiled in Buffalo.

Good News

Betty Reid Soskin—the National Park Service’s oldest ranger who dedicated her work to amplifying stories about Black history—has retired.

Good News

The U.S. Navy will name a new aircraft after unsung Black WWII hero Doris "Dorie" Miller.

Good News

The U.S. Army’s only all-Black all-women unit during WWII was honored with a monument.


Members of the 333rd Field Army Battalion were honored posthumously by the U.S. government.


Police in St. Louis are searching for suspects who robbed and carjacked a 93-year-old Tuskegee airman in two separate incidents Sunday. The first incident occurred when the WWII veteran stopped to call his daughter after he got lost on the way to her home. A suspect jumped into his car and grabbed money from his pocket […]

In today’s NewsOne Top 5, we take a quick look at the stories trending on our site about the Charleston shooting, plus racist experiments

For the first time, the U.S. government is confirming that it conducted secret chemical experiments on World War II troops by grouping them according to race, NPR reports. While Black, Japanese-American, and Puerto Rican soldiers were tested with mustard gas and lewisite, a similar chemical agent, White soldiers were often used as a control group. NPR […]

While stories of black soldiers in WWII are normally an afterthought, one story of black heroism is finally being told. The Aubrey Stewart Project tells the story of James Aubrey Stewart, a soldier from Piedmont, West Virginia, who along with 10 other black soliders sacrificed their lives to save a family during the Battle of […]