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The Jacksons. The Osmonds. The Winans. And now let’s add the Smiths to the list. In the tradition of showbiz families, looks like Will and Jada Smith are in fast pursuit to transform their family into an entertainment dynasty.

Will Smith’s newest stage dad project is remaking the classic Hollywood film Annie, starring his ten-year-old daughter, Willow. Jay-Z (who signed Willow to his label) is on board to help develop the film.

The Smiths are obviously following the typical recipe for merchandising and branding a 10-year-old…

Step one: Have a very opportune connection to the industry. Most plebes will have to go the YouTube route, but if you’re really lucky, you will be born into it.

Step two: Release a crazy catchy upbeat pop song that even adults are forced to love.

Step three: Slap them in the lead role of a well-known and endearing movie remake. Bonus points if the resulting movie is a musical.

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Willow Smith signs deal with Jay-Z’s record label