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Kwame Kilpatrick shouldn’t be going to the Democratic National convention, he needs to be hidden away with John Edwards’ mistress. All Kwame Kilpatrick can do now is sully his image, the city of Detroit, black mayors, Hip Hop and black people as a whole by not resigning and keeping himself out pf the public eye.

Today a Judge says he can’t travel without an electronic arm bracelet, and a spokesman for the Obama campaign said that Kilpatrick shouldn’t come to the convention because he would be a distraction. A lawyer for Kilpatrick said that “high ranking Democratic officials” want Kilpatrick to attend the convention. I can’t imagine who these officials are unless they’re from the Clinton camp and want one last chance to derail Obama..

I realize that you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. However, I’m not a judge I’m a journalist, and given my extensive research, he looks guilty as hell. Not only did he carry on his affair on a city-issued cell phone, he lied about it and attempted to cover it up, which cost the city million.

In Detroit, where the high school dropout rate is 80%, and where the murder rate is the highest in the country, 8 million dollars could pay for the salaries of 200 policemen or teachers for a year.

As the self-named Hip Hop mayor, Kilpatrick acted more like a ‘gangsta’ rapper than a mayor. At the Manooigan Mansion, Kilpatrick was alleged to have ‘ho parties’ which turned into ‘wild orgies.’ At one of these ‘ho parties,’ Kilpatrick’s wife beat up a stripper with a bat or club, sending her to the hospital. This resulted in Kilpatrick firing his wife’s security escort for letting her interrupt his ‘ho party’

The next year the stripper, Tamara Greene, was shot dead in a drive-by shooting. The officer who was initially in charge of the investigation, Alvin Bowman had a lawsuit charging that he was transferred out of the Homicide Division for investigating her murder. A lawyer for Greene’s son requested the text messages from Kilpatrick and his inner circle, suggesting a cover-up. In Detroit radio personalities and gossipers have alleged that Kilpatrick was involved in her killing. Greene’s son would wind up suing the city for 150 million.

Kwame Kilpatrick seemed to take the ‘Hip Hop’ Mayor label to heart, using the city to pay for his large entourage, and pay for his red Navigator. He was known in Detroit for balling out at the clubs and strip joints. Kilpatrick also dressed like a hip hop star or young black athlete donning a large diamond studded earring, and suits an NBA player would wear.

Kwame Kilpatrick is a tragedy for black politics. Rather than following the example of his mother and other pioneering black politicians, he followed the example of of the modern rapper, complete with the cars jewelry, strippers, clubs and swagger. By claiming that his detractors are racist, he is crying wolf and making it les believable the next time a black politician legitimately has a problem with racism.

Kilpatrick started off so promising a former Florida A&M football player and Detroit public school teacher. He chose to put his ego before his job, which is good for a rapper. Rather than aspire to be a good mayor, Kwame chose to aspire for hood love and act like a baller rather than a Mayor. Its obvious that the republicans will use any pictures of Kilpatrick or kind words Obama said about Kilpatrick against Obama.

Kilpatrick maybe the ‘hip hop mayor,’ but it’s not the hip hop I grew up on. It’s the hip hop that determines a man’s value by the size of his entourage, his cars, his jewelry and the women he gets, but not his value to the community. Then again, corrupt, affair-having Mayors are as American as apple pie. Unfortunately, we live in society that judges all black people by the fuck ups. If Kwame Kilpatrick doesn’t want to derail the future of black America, the country and the future of the world he needs to go the way of Edwards mistress and disappear to not cause anymore damage.

Kwame Kilpatrick said that God asked him to be mayor of Detroit. All politiicans should beware of an idiot posing as God who tells fuck-ups like Bush and Kilpatrick to run for office and fuck their countries and cities up.

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