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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio- Jason Popp, the coach of the Richmond Heights Boys Varsity Basketball has come under fire for racist comments and harassment. According to documents, Popp would use racial slurs against his players and insult them for being poor. Among the things he said were

“I”m going to need you to play like n—-ers, which you are”

According to Fox 8 in Richmond, several players are willing to boycott Popp:

Most players say they are willing to give up their undefeated season if the coach remains. Although some want to keep playing.

“I think as a team, we should still get our butts on the court because no matter what somebody says to you, we love basketball, all of us loves basketball and I think no matter what he says, we need to go for our goal and go 20-and-0,” said varsity player London Fulton, Jr.

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