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California — Though the number of public school students taking Advanced Placement tests is at an all-time high, a recent report from the College Board shows that 14 percent of Hispanic and Latino students, and less than four percent of Black students were able to pass in 2010.

Huffington Post reports:

Only a quarter of all AP test takers identified themselves as minorities while nearly 58 percent marked that they were white. Those who marked themselves as “other” were not a part of the College Board’s study.

Just 14 percent of Hispanic and Latino students in 2010’s graduating class were able to get a passing AP grade. For black students, the statistic was even more dire at under four percent.

When discussing the discrepancy, Marica Cullen of the Illinois State Board of Education told the Chicago-Tribune that it may not be about socio-economic dynamics as much as inexperience.

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