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Over the years, Elon James White has been steadily building a following for his always-impactful, always-funny video blog, This Week in Blackness. We have loved posting Elon’s videos revolving around politics, race, and entertainment. Today, we at NewsOne are proud to announce our official partnership with Elon and TWiB!

In this week’s episode — his first for NewsOne — Elon dons his “Black History Month glasses” (which look curiously like he grabbed them off of Malcolm X’s end table), and goes after those kindly white conservatives who care so much about unborn Black people, but lose interest after those sweet little Black children actually get born…

Elon also hosts a radio show that you should check out called “Blacking It Up” at TWIB.ME/LIVE.

Elon James White is a Brooklyn-based comedian, writer and host of the web series “This Week in Blackness”; a satirical look at race, politics and pop-culture in a so-called “post-racial” America. Follow Elon on Twitter at and visit him online at and


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