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Politically-minded rapper Jasiri X has teamed with NewsOne’s own Elon James White to create a new music video that gives young people of color the “#10 Frisk Commandments,” advice to live by in the current era of “stop & frisk.” Says White: I often joke about how my knowledge of what to do when I’m […]

The Rev. Al Sharpton is used to being assailed from all sides — when he speaks to loudly on behalf of victims of race-related crime, or when he doesn’t speak up at all. In the midst of his annual National Action Network convention in Washington, D.C., Sharpton sat down with NewsOne’s Elon James White and […]

NewsOne correspondent Elon James White is covering the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network convention this week in Washington, DC. In this daily recap, Elon wonders why more folks don’t come to this important event. [ooyala code=”9kN2dnNDrYJ8j5nzz8CSfUYRLSMQG837″] SEE ALSO: Inside Jail With Zimmerman: Jolly Ranchers, No TV Newark Mayor Rescues Woman From Fire

I now have an issue with Occupy Wall Street. This isn’t to say that before this I was extremely happy with them. I believed, as many have already stated, that the movement had indeed accomplished a great feat by shifting the conversation to income inequality and the ways the 1% profit while the rest are […]

Yesterday evening, the parents of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin addressed a crowd of supporters at the “Million Hoodie March” held in New York City’s Union Square. NewsOne’s Elon James White was there and created this exclusive video report: [ooyala lwaHM4NDqToENC7qjLKpq6VbxhBXfVwN 610 343 0 nolink] RELATED: ‘Million Hoody March’ Organizer Says Trayvon’s Murder ‘Very Personal’ […]

To raise awareness about the #millionhoodies march in memory of Trayvon Martin and general online campaign I’ve posted the picture you see to the left on my social networks. This was the response on one of them: [NAME REDACTED]: This guy IS suspicious. I would totally purse clutch and traffic dodge to avoid and I’m […]

Race in America is a difficult subject. When it comes to race America has the mental maturity of a 7 year old that, on occasion will plug its ears with its fingers and sing “La, la, la.” Being American and Negro I understand this. I don’t really have any choice but to understand it. I […]

Last week was the 41st Annual Legislative Conference for the Congressional Black Caucus. The conference was filled with panels, author talks/signings,  and direct contact with Congressional Black Caucus members to discuss the ills of the Black community and things that can be done to fix it. But you probably didn’t hear about that. You probably […]

Over the years, Elon James White has been steadily building a following for his always-impactful, always-funny video blog, This Week in Blackness. We have loved posting Elon’s videos revolving around politics, race, and entertainment. Today, we at NewsOne are proud to announce our official partnership with Elon and TWiB! In this week’s episode — his […]

In the latest installment of the award winning web series “This Week in Blackness” host Elon James White discusses Comments made by former President George W. Bush concerning the low point of his presidency.

The Brooklyn Comedy Company proudly presents This Week in Blackness: Mini Edition.