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Los Angeles — An article written by popular NBA writer David Aldrige has come under fire for calling the NBA’s All-Star Weekend “Black Thanksgiving.”

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Aldridge, who began the article by attributing the quote to Michael Wilbon, went on to agree with coining the weekend Black Thanksgiving.

The article went on to talk about the social significance of All-Star Weekend for African Americans. He said while other people have “tweetups,” Blacks have All-Star Weekend.

Comments on the article mostly attacked CNN and the writer for the piece.

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Below are some of the comments both attacking and defending the writer:

Ocity79 Black Thanksgiving????? How stupid. Maybe just stick with All Star weekend.

yippidy I’m calling for a boycott of CNN’s website. Until they learn to leave their own agenda aside and report balanced news…I’m over it.

takingsides Notice the reference to the writer being a “longtime” employee of NBA. In other words, even as stupid and offensive as this article is, he’ll probably still retain his job.

christoball An African American calling a made up holiday black thanksgiving is not racist. I think it’s the way you hip-shooting democrats overreact that makes this article truly enlightening.

notinthebag I’m sure David Aldridge got a lot of high fives from his colleagues for this article, well he can only get one finger from me!

agutthon Are u on drugs. I am African American and I am offended by it. Its stupid and above all it is completely ignorant.