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Okay so no Black movies really deserve Oscars this year, sorry Tyler, but many Black movies have been Blackballed and ignored by the Oscars for years. Here are ten classic Black films overlooked by the Oscars.

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10. The Harder They Come

This Jamaican movie had one of the best soundtracks of all time and featured excellent acting by star Jimmy Cliff and an great ensemble cast.

Should Have Won-Best Soundtrack, Best Song (Harder They Come), Best Foreign Language Film (It had subtitles)

Should Have Been Nominated Best Actor (Jimmy Cliff) Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay

9. Five Heartbeats

This epic movie which told the story of the evolution of a Temptations-like R&B group in the 60s and 70s had great music, great writing and great acting.

Should Have Won Best Soundtrack, Best Song, Best Director (Robert Townsend)

Should Have Been Nominated, Best Actor, (Leon) Best Supporting Actor, Michael Wright, Best Screenplay

8. Spook That Sat By The Door

Great movie that follows a Black CIA agent who learns their tactics to start his own revolution.

Should Have Won Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor (Lawrence Cook), Best Soundtrack (Herbie Hancock)

Should Have Been Nominated Best Picture

7. New Jack City

Great crime drama about the birth of crack and the violent gangs it spawned.

Should Have Won Best Supporting Actor (Chris Rock), Best Soundtrack

Should Have Been Nominated Best Actor (Wesley Snipes)

6. Love Jones

Great love story about two intelligent artistic African American 20-somethings.

Should Have Won, Best Actor(Larenz Tate), Best Actress(Nia Long), Best Picture, Best Soundtrack

5. Cooley High

Great coming of age story on Chicago with great cast and music.

Should Have Won Best Song(It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday),

Should Have Been Nominated Best Actor Glynn Turman

4. Jungle Fever

Excellent movie about the stigmas around inter-racial dating, Black families and the crack epidemic.

Should Have Won Best Actor (Wesley Snipes), Best Supporting Actor (Sam Jackson) Best Supporting Actress (Lonette McKee), Best Sondtrack, Best Song (Stevie Wonder, Jungle Fever), Best Director(Spike Lee)

3. Love And Basketball

Great epic love story with a great cast and great writing.

Should Have Won, Best Actor(Omar Epps), Best Actress(Sanaa Lathan), Best Soundtrack

2. Mo’ Better Blues

Great story of love jazz, friendship and brotherhood.

Should Have Won Best Actor(Denzel Washington) Best Supporting Actor(Wesley Snipes), Best Score, Best Soundtrack, Best Song (Mo’ Better Blues)

1. Malcolm X

Great epic story of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X. History on film.

Should Have Won Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor(Wesley Snipes), Best Actress, (Angela Basset) Best Director(Spike Lee)