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How ironic is it that a white reporter is correcting black commentators who are accusing President Obama of having a “too white” press office?  ”Journalist” Richard Prince and CNN’s Roland Martin have been among those who’ve called out the president for not having enough “color” among his communications staff.

Only, it ain’t so.  In his Political Punch blog, ABC’s Jake Tapper goes into detail about all the people of color working in the President’s press office.  And he notes not merely that the deputy press secretary Bill Burton is black, but that there are Asians and Hispanics represented as well.  Shin Inouye, Jason Djang, David Gomez and Luis Miranda among others.

And what’s most important, of course, is that the President selected the best people for the job, not merely the people with the right tint to their skin.

While Martin is quite successful with his radio show and CNN gig, we suspect the less-significant Prince is just angling for a paycheck.

A reminder to many of the self-appointed Obama watchers: while it’s important to be race aware, better to be factually correct.

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