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McCain’s campaign has taken a very negative turn. Rather than speaking about his own credentials and his own plans for America, or attempting to unite American people, the McCain campaign has turned into hate rallies against Obama.

McCain’s supporters have referred to Obama as a traitor, terrorist, communist, socialist and  accused him of treason and said ‘kill him’ and ‘off with his head.’ Obama has accused McCain of ‘stoking anger and division.’ Uniting people for hatred and division has always resulted in negative repercussions.

Hitler, of course, united angry mobs by their hatred of the Jews. Mussolini would rally people with hatred for communists. Politicians like George Wallace would use racism and hatred for blacks to forward their political goals as well. Many African dictators use tribal divisions and animosity to forward their political goals as well.

By not addressing the racist, negative, violent rants of his supporters and surrogates, McCain is condoning what they are saying. Many in politics and the media believe that these attempts to demonize Obama and the acceptance of negative statement from the crowd. Palin especially can be called on for not only condoning the negative demonizing attacks but encouraging them.

The difference between the two campaigns could not be more extreme. While Obama tries to unite people with hope, optimism and a desire to make this country a better place, McCain has been uniting people with fear, hatred and division. The McCain camp’s quiet encouragement of this negative behavior will only cause more division in the nation in a time of great apprehension and turmoil.

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