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Here are some of the stand-out quotes from Day 2 of the National Action Network Convention.

Rev. Al Sharpton Founder of National Action Network

“I didn’t know there were any black folks in Iowa,” when referring to the Dean of the University of Northern Iowa, who happens to be Black, Dr. Dwight C. Watson

“When Lehman brothers and the auto industry went down, there was 1 man in office. It was George Bush.”

“We can have different opinions Hannity, but we can’t have different facts.”

“You have been unable to coalesce a theme for the republicans.”

Sean Hannity, Fox News Host

“The country is 14 trillion in debt, but Obama’s too busy playing basketball, golf, and writing brackets.”

“Obama is robbing our children and grandchildren of the American dream.”

“Since Obama has been president, i think he has failed to create jobs, opportunities and has been irresponsible and reckless. It’s time to get on a better course.”

It’s time for Obama to man up put his pants up and take responsibility for the mess he’s made. The single most disastrous, financial policies ever created have been by Pres. Obama.”

“Obama has taken a sledgehammer to the American constitution.”

“The land of opportunity has now become the land of debt”

Lady reacts to news of Cathie Black resigning

“Hallelujah. She saw the light!?”

Zakiyah Ansari, Parent Leader, NYC Coalition for Educational Justice

“We don’t accept the label of parents of color not caring.”

Michael Mulgrew, President of United Federation of Teachers

“We need education reform and now.”

“The country’s that do the best don’t do standardized tests. They try to develop this child as a person.”

“I went to a school one day and an 18-year-old did not know who MLK was. There’s a problem in our education system.”

Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association

“We cannot wait five or 10 years to reform education, we need to do this now.”

“I already know what will happen to the graduating class of 2020 because nothing has been changed to alter the educational fates of these children.”

“I hope we all leave this conference gloriously dissatisfied with how things are so we can go change things.”

Dr. Dwight C. Watson, Dean, College of Education, University of Northern Iowa

“The hands of education are in the hands of white teachers who may not be culturally competent”

“We have too many teachers in classrooms who are scared of the kids they are teaching.”

“We need to have a triangle fortress covering our children. Our teachers, parents, and neighbors used to be the 3 points of a triangle with the child in the middle. We need to get back to that.”

“Too many white teachers say they are color blind. No, don’t tell me you’re color blind because I want you to be color conscious.”

“Who was Martin Luther King?, I once asked a young girl and she said that he freed the slaves. It’s time for us to stop depending on the teachers, and educating students ourselves.”

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