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Approximately 300 absentee ballots were sent out with Barack Obama‘s name misspelled as ‘Barack Osama’ in Rensselaer County in New York.

The story was first reported in the

Edward McDonough and Larry Bugbee, the Democratic and Republican County Board of Election chairs, said that “the error was not deliberate” in a joint statement issued Friday.

“In preparation of absentee ballots for the November 4th General Election, a typographical error was made in the name of one of the candidates. The error was included on only 300 out of more than 4000 absentee ballots that will be mailed out this month. The Board of Elections acted quickly to correct the typographical error and regrets the error.”

Bugbee told the that despite having three different staff members look over the ballot, “somehow the typo got by us.”

The misspelling comes, coincidentally, at the same time that the McCain-Palin campaign has increased personal attacks on Obama, emphasizing his ties to radical liberals and his time spent “palling around with terrorists.”

The hostility against Obama from the GOP opponents and their surrogates has been intense, with supporters shouting ‘Kill him!’ at McCain-Palin rallies.

Jen Psaki, Obama spokeswoman has said, “We’re glad officials are working to correct this error and we assume it won’t happen again.”

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