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After the birther fiasco, Donald Trump and the right wing fringe have turned to a new attack to discredit our President, claiming that he didn’t deserve to get into the Ivy League Schools he attended, Columbia University as an undergrad and Harvard Law School as a graduate student. The fact that Obama graduated Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude with the prestigious position of President of The Harvard Law Review doesn’t seem to deter their attacks.

But Republicans are still saying that Obama did not deserve the education he worked hard for, that affirmative action caused his success, not his intelligence and hard work. Still they are correct the President did not deserve an Ivy League education, but that President is not Obama but former President George W. Bush.

Would George Bush be able to attend the prestigious Andover private school, Yale and Harvard business school if not for his famous, wealthy father and family? Bush was a mediocre student at Andover who never made the honor roll in his three years at Andover, despite the fact that 110 of his classmates did. Bush’s SAT scores were 200 points less than the Yale median of accepted students.

At Yale Bush was known more as a hard partier than an intelligent hard working student. He bragged to Yale students in 2001:

“To the C students, I say, ‘You too can be president of the United States,”

Despite the fact that he was a draft dodger, with a poor academic record and no success at business, Bush was accepted to the prestigious Harvard Business School. Unlike Obama, at Harvard, Bush did not graduate with any distinctions.

Like the attacks on Obama’s birth origin, the attacks on his education are based on racism. If Obama was not qualified to attend Harvard how did he graduate Magna Cum Laude and become President of the Harvard Law Review?

Obama transferred from Occidental to Columbia after two years. Columbia has a rigid core curriculum that normally takes students four years to accomplish and normally discourages students from transferring to Columbia, yet he still managed to graduate on time.

The fact that Bush, who was regarded by most people in the world as unintelligent did not face any questions from the right wing about his “legacy” education, and Obama’s education is being attacked as affirmative action shows the hypocrisy of the right wing media and Republicans.


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