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When Donald Trump began his race-baiting political game by demanding that President Obama release his long form birth certificate, many of my friends vowed from that moment on to start their own personal boycotts of “The Apprentice,” and every other Donald Trump enterprise. Now they are far from alone. This week things really heated up as powerful media players have demanded that NBC and its advertisers reign in Trump’s behavior, or risk alienating millions of consumers.

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Talk show host Lawrence O’Donnell, whose show “The Last Word” appears on NBC sister station MSNBC, has called out the network for having “created a monster,” stating that “NBC can no longer stand idly by, not for one more day” while Donald Trump persists in encouraging destructive divisions among the American electorate for his own benefit.

Popular liberal blog Daily Kos has taken things a step further, calling on everyone in America to “boycott all things Trump,” thereby putting the necessary pressure on The Donald to permanently shut him down. Regarding Donald’s salacious speechifying, Daily Kos states:

This is not only a grievous insult to our President, it is a grievous insult to African Americans, it is a grievous insult to all people of color.  Furthermore, this is a grievous insult to all of us who believe in a country of solidarity.  A country where ‘WE THE PEOPLE are joined together to form a more perfect UNION where we can come together to work and build and share and pray and live and die together.

We are the “Party of Us”!  Not the “Party of Me, Me, Me”.  We are the “Party of US” not the party that Donald Trump represents with their insatiable greed justified by the macabre Ayn Rand.

The time has come to stand up and be counted.  Let us Boycott all things Trump. […]

Through the good efforts of our community, here is a list of advertisers.  Call and write and ask them if they support the racist, insulting views of Donald Trump and that you will not buy their products and tell others not to buy their products as long as they support the Racist Trump.

Daily Kos provides a comprehensive list of advertisers and NBC contacts that we all can and should inform that we are not at all pleased with the actions of their loud-mouthed representative — which is what Donald Trump is as long as they support him. Please read this list. Do what you can to let these companies know that the black community is not going to stand for major corporations putting money in the pocket of a man who promotes hate. Tweet, send Facebook messages, write emails and make phone calls letting these people know that Trump must be stopped — or they will lose out on your money.

This can be done. ThinkProgress has already convinced megadeals site Groupon to drop all association with Donald Trump due to his absurdly backwards world view. According to Daily Kos, Groupon has dropped all advertising on “The Apprentice” web site, starting immediately, at the behest of the forward thinking political site.  Next on the list is Enterprise Rent-a-Car, who will be encouraged by ThinkProgess to follow suit. Please join in their effort to get Donald Trump off the air. At the rate these sites are going, he might also be forced off the web.

We can only hope that through our collective efforts a Donald Trump boycott can be implemented quickly and easily, just like Egypt’s revolution.

Will you join the battle to get advertisers to boycott Donald Trump? Spread this list of NBC leadership to harass and corporate sponsors to send angry letters to, and send off a few angry words yourself.

Let’s show Donald Trump that he, too, can be fired by the very people he is demeaning.

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