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COLUMBUS– An Ohio teenager was killed and two others are missing and feared dead after they were pulled out to sea by strong currents in Costa Rica on Wednesday.

17-year-old Caity Noelle Jones drowned after being caught in the undercurrent.  16-year-old James Erick Smith and 17-year-old Kai Steven Lamar were also swept into the sea and have yet to be found

“This is an extremely dangerous beach. There are currents, riptides. It’s not guarded too well as far as having lifeguards here. So people can arrive at this beach, and there are very strong currents, very big waves. It’s very easy to get pulled outside. And at that point, you either need someone to help you or maintain calm and try to get back inside. But it’s very hard because it’s a lonely beach with very heavy surf,” Red Cross searcher Richard Dushan said.

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