Chef Tafari worked in the Obamas' White House.

Sean Bickings drowned in Tempe Town Lake while police adamantly refused to try to rescue him, according to the officers' own transcripts.

Atlanta police said the investigation is now closed.

The attorney for Benjamin Hosch’s family called the drowning “gross, insane negligence.”

Entrepreneur Agnes Davis is on a mission to prevent drownings among Black kids.

Kariasa Thomas (pictured) was arrested and charged on Saturday with reckless injury to a child, after 3-year-old Kanyce Giddings (pictured below), who was in her care, drowned in a pool while she allegedly checked her Facebook postings, according to WFAA 8. SEE ALSO: Man Caught On Video Hitting Woman With Table During Diner Melee Thomas and […]

NEW HAVEN, CT- — For the parents of three-year-old Maliki Sessions, their guardian angel came in the form of 911 dispatcher David Mancini. Maliki accidentally fell into the family pool and began to drown, and he was later rescued by a family member as his father called 911. Video Below: Visit for breaking news, […]

COLUMBUS– An Ohio teenager was killed and two others are missing and feared dead after they were pulled out to sea by strong currents in Costa Rica on Wednesday. 17-year-old Caity Noelle Jones drowned after being caught in the undercurrent.  16-year-old James Erick Smith and 17-year-old Kai Steven Lamar were also swept into the sea […]

Seventy-percent of Black kids don’t learn how to swim due to access to pools, lack of encouragement to swim, the effects of chlorine on hair, or simply the fear of drowning. The “Make a Splash” program emphasizes that swimming is a vital skill, rather than a recreational activity.

A NewsOne Exclusive With Memorial Day just around the corner, this year’s beach and pool season is about to begin in earnest. But a new study released by USA Swimming shows that many Black Americans can’t safely join the fun: 70 percent of African-American children have little to no swimming ability, nearly twice as many […]