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The cool thing about being a minority and a Republican is that you’re likely going to get some face-time, your fifteen minutes in the spotlight. The party, during these uncertain times, seems to be uncertain of their core values, their vision for the future and the overall reach of their stale message.

So they’re trying to fake us out. First, it was Sarah Palin’s nomination to run alongside John McCain in 08, in an effort to capture disgruntled Hillary voters. We were supposed to think the GOP was down with women. (Not.)

Then, after the Democrats put a Black man in the Oval Office, the GOP thought to itself, “There’s a bandwagon to jump on. Post-racial America, HERE WE COME!” Hence, the appointment of Michael Steele as chairman of the RNC. Hip-Hop makeover? Really?

And now, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, has become the latest iteration of this tired philosophy: When in doubt, put a Brown dude out. As Baratunde from Jack&Jill Politics described, Jindal sounded like a Muppet.

Well, we here at NewsOne figured if the GOP could cash in on Jindal’s face, so could we. We’ve got our eye on you, Governor…..


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