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Bob Marley died thirty years ago today. Still, his songs have a great impact on society spiritually, emotionally and also politically. Marley’s songs not only dealt with the politics of his native Jamaica, but Africa and the whole world. Here are ten of his most politically significant songs.

10. War. Bob took a speech from the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haille Selassie at the United Nations and made it a song that showed how racism was the cause of the many wars in Africa at the time.

9. Concrete Jungle This song represented the struggle of the urban poor in the third w. orld. Though the song refers to Arnett Gardens, a garrison in Jamaica, it could represent the poverty and tension found in any ghetto.

8. Redemption Song This epic ballad represents the fight for freedom in the face of great adversity.

7. Africa Unite During the 70s when Africa was ridding itself from colonialism, Bob made an anthem that would call for its countries to join forces in Pan-Africanism.

6. Revolution Another song that calls for both a mental and physical revolution, wiping out wicked ideas from society.

5. Rat Race While accusations of the CIA operating in Jamaica were common place, Bob addressed the issue in this song, “Rasta now work for no CIA.”

4. Belly Full. Bob goes into the poverty and drastic wealth inequality between the rich and poor in both Jamaica and this world, and the tension that they cause.

3. Get Up Stand Up. Though this song deals with the Rastafarian faith, ithas become an anthem for sufferers everywhere.

2. Zimbabwe This song represents the hope excitement of independent Africa and celebrates the fighters who fought against colonialism.

1. Ambush In The Nigh Bob was shot in 1976 and he addresses it in this song. He did not blame any political party despite accusations that the U.S. backed JLP was behind it, Bob did not blame any party but the climate of political nepotism and violence that lead to the attack.


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