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Recently John McCain said about his rallies “There is always the fringe element that’s in politics in America. The overwhelming majority of the people that come to my rallies are good and decent and patriotic Americans, For anybody to intimate that the overwhelming … 99 percent is anything but patriotic and good Americans is frankly unacceptable, and I won’t stand for it.”

It seems now that the majority of McCain’s supporters are not united in their patriotism but in their hatred and demonization of Obama. In many ways by yelling ‘terrorist’ to a bunch of angry uninformed voters is the same as yelling fire in crowded room. If McCain is not inciting this hatred for Obama, he certainly is doing nothing to derail it. Where are they getting their ideas that Obama is a terrorist, a Muslim, a communist? Right wing talk radio and Fox News have hinted at all those things and the McCain camp has done nothing to quell those suspicions and done a lot to further arouse them.

Watch a Video Compilation of the McCain Palin Hate Fest

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