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In the wake of the Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah’s gay slur incidents, many are saying that the NBA has officially become the most homophobic sports league in the country.

The backlash began a few weeks ago when Kobe Bryant used a slur against a referee. GLAAD (Gays & Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation) went right after him and the NBA responded by saying they were against such talk. Shortly thereafter, Joakim Noah mentioned the same slur to a fan at a game in Miami. The organization believes that no one has really learned anything and much still needs to be done.

According to a poll done on Bleacher Report, 65 percent of people say that the NBA does not have a problem with homophobia, while 35 percent feel it does. Not a landslide victory there, but the question still remains. If there is homophobia, what will it take to get it fixed?

Check out the article below from Bleacher Report.

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