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JOPLIN– The violent tornado that killed at least 116 people in Joplin, Missouri when it rumbled through the small city, was captured by a man who took cover in a gas station.

Although you can’t actually see the tornado, or much else, you can hear children crying as winds shatter the windows, and debris flying as the people scramble for cover. The group was fortunate they were able to hide in a storage fridge as the tornado ripped apart the station. YouTube user Zelsg says:

The video i took while at Fastrip on east 20th street. We huddled in the back of the store until the glass got sucked out , then ran into the walk in storage fridge. Sorry for the lack of visuals but the audio is pretty telling of how intense the storm was. The tornado hits at around 1:20 seconds.


Officials said the tornado was the deadliest single tornado in the country since 1947 and the ninth-deadliest tornado of all time. “We still believe there are folks alive under the rubble and we’re trying hard to reach them,” Missouri Governor Jay Nixon told reporters in Joplin.

YouTube user Zelsg shared video of the aftermath of the tornado that hit the gas station they took cover in.




Tornado Rips Through Joplin, Missouri And Kills 89

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