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McCain has all but assured the public that he would bring up William Ayers in the third and final debate. We all wondered what exactly Obama’s response would be. Judging by our early predictions, Obama made the right decision.

Before the debate I wrote the Top 5 Ayers counter attacks that Obama could use when McCain brought up Ayers. In my belief Obama made the right decision. He combined our first two counter-attacks, moving on bringing up the financial crisis and the two wars, saying that McCain was ignoring the major issues and focusing his whole campaign on attacking Obama on Ayers. While he could have counter attacked McCain on his questionable associations, he played it safe

Watch Obama Counter McCain’s Ayers Attacks

Here Was Our Top 5 Ways for Obama to Counter Attack McCain on Ayers

1.    Move On: John, we are in the midst of a financial crisis and two wars. Why are we concerning ourselves with a man who did some despicable things when I was 8 years old and who I barely know today. John if you spent as much time trying to work on an economic plan as you have trying to tie me to Ayers, you might still have some credibility.

2.    Defend Ayers: John, 40 years ago we were in the midst of racial injustice, and an unjust war. William Ayers tried to combat that using sabotage to protest those things. He never harmed, hurt or killed another human being and believed that what he was doing was helping this country. While I don’t agree the tactics he used 40 years ago, he since has been a champion for education and poverty. If Ayers was such a bad evil man, why was he a professor at an esteemed university? Why did Walter Annenberg, a former ambassador under Nixon, whose wife recently endorsed you, put Ayers on the board for his Chicago Annenberg Challenge?

3.    Counter Attack AKIP: John, its funny you keep on bringing up my supposed radical ties, when your running mate and her husband were members and or strongly affiliated with the Radical Alaskan Secessionist group, AKIP. They saw America as imperfect enough to want to secede from the union, not exactly Country First, John. And John can we talk about the AKIP’s founder Joe Vogler, who said ‘The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government.’ And who died in a plastic explosives deal gone wrong.

4.   Counter Attack Bin Laden: John, why are we talking about a man who is a college professor who has changed his ideology many years ago. Why aren’t we talking about Bin Laden, the real terrorist who is responsible or 9/11? In the past two debates, why did you call Bin Laden and his Mujahideen ‘Freedom Fighters,’ who drove the Russians out of Afghanistan? Do you still believe Bin Laden is a freedom fighter?

5.    Counter Attack G Gordon Liddy: John in politics you meet a lot of different people from lots of different backgrounds with a lot of different views. I’ve gone into great length explaining to the American people my relationship with Ayers. Can you explain your relationship with G. Gordon Liddy. Liddy was convicted for conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping in the Watergate investigation, and was a  man who concocted plans to firebomb the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. and to kidnap anti-war protesters. This is the same Liddy who advised his listeners to shoot at ATF officers after the WACO incident,  saying “Now if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms comes to disarm you and they are bearing arms, resist them with arms. Go for a head shot; they’re going to be wearing bulletproof vests. ..Kill the sons of bitches.” Why do you continue to go on this man’s radio show why did you tell him “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of your family… It’s always a pleasure for me to come on your program, Gordon, and congratulations on your continued success and adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great.’ Why do you call this man a friend?

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