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If there is one word that is going to define this series it is Redemption.  There are many factors as to why that is.  This is the first time these two teams have squared off since 2006, when Miami rebounded from a 2-0 game deficit to win the next four and be crowned champions.  It also pits rivals Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki together again, when Dwyane won the MVP in this series back in 2006.  This is Dirk’s redemption to beat Miami and bring home the title to Dallas.

The case for Dallas to win obviously is Dirk, who has proven himself ten-fold in this playoff season. Also the team has a fantastic offensive and defensive team as well.  The case against them happen to be they won’t have home court advantage, and history has proven if you don’t have that you have a small percentage of winning the whole thing.

The case for Miami is they have a better defense than both teams.  The problem here for them is going to be Dirk.  Even though they have great players, no one really matches up to him.  If they want to win these games they gotta find a way to stop Dirk or else it is going to become a problem.  This is shaping up to be one for the record books!

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