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People who are missing HBO’s “The Wire” are legion — and in really good company. Attorney General Eric Holder REALLY misses the show, to the point that he used the launch of a program created to protect children from drug abuse to beg for more episodes of the show. Stars of “The Wire,” Wendell Pierce (“Bunk”), Sonja Sohn (“Kima”) and Jim True-Frost (“Prez”), joined Holder on Tuesday to draw attention to this important issue — but the attorney general put the press conference to additional use. Addressing the writers of “The Wire” (who were not present), Holder said:

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“I want to speak directly to Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon: Do another season of ‘The Wire’,” Holder said, drawing laughter and applause from the audience. “That’s actually at a minimum. … If you don’t do a season, do a movie.  We’ve done HBO movies, this is a series that deserves a movie. I want another season or I want a movie. I have a lot of power Mr. Burns and Mr. Simon.”

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Yes, major depression can hit when one’s favorite show goes off the air, but perhaps this was not quite the right venue for Attorney General Eric Holder to beg for the return of “The Wire.” It’s understandable that he really loved the show, but it was fictionalized.  He was meeting with “The Wire” stars to draw attention to real-life child victims of drug crimes, which is more important.

Hopefully, all the laughter Eric Holder has created over pleading for “The Wire” to return — some say ordering — will make more people think seriously about the concrete issue he sought to address. According to the Justice Department press release for this new program, “Children exposed to drug abuse are more than 50 percent more likely to be arrested as juveniles.” Attorney General Eric Holder beseeching for more seasons of “The Wire” was cute, but this is no laughing matter.

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