Eric Holder Jr. has been convicted of murder.

Eric Holder Jr. had to miss a day of his murder trial because of the attack behind bars.

Eric Holder, the man accused of killing South L.A. rap icon Nipsey Hussle on March 31, 2019, will finally get his day in court after being delayed for over two years.

Court documents, testimonies and a new BBC documentary put things into context.


Reports dropped yesterday that former United States Attorney General Eric Holder is considering running for president. Some people are ecstatic and others are giving the idea the side-eye. SEE ALSO: Michael Moore Begs Michelle Obama To Run For President: ‘She’s The One Person Who Could Crush Trump’ According to MSNBC’s Eugene Robinson, “It gets even more […]

The 34-year-old rapper was shot and killed on March 31.

After the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle, celebrities and fans alike have paid tribute to the late rapper and community activist.


The tragic murder of Nipsey Hussle all of a sudden has the unfortunate potential to turn into a three-ring circus now that the rapper’s accused killer has found a defense attorney.


Was it a joke, or nah? You be the judge.

James Comey's leaked memos show his feelings about key Black folks in Obama’s administration, including the 44th president himself.

The Rev. Al Sharpton led a battle cry at the National Action Network convention to defend civil rights.