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When Rep. Anthony Weiner responded to accusations that he sent a picture of his crotch  to a young woman, his excuses devolved into “a stream of dirty jokes,” according to the New York Daily News. And of course, the rest of the media and  blogosphere quickly followed suit, creating a good-natured stream of quips and jollity that most people have thoroughly enjoyed. Even a publication as serious as the International Business Times has joined the fun, listing some of the best Weiner jokes on Twitter for our pleasure:

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The following are samples of some hilarious Anthony Weiner jokes spreading on Twitter, the networking site where he has apparently tied himself up in inner wear fabric.

BorowitzReport: Bill Clinton Blasts Weiner: “In my day, we’d show it to ’em in person.”

Again from the same tweeter: “Weiner ‘Totally Un-smooth with Women,’ Says Dominique Strauss-Kahn”

juliethuddy didn’t pull a punch before landing this one: “Congressman Weiner said he would use all his weight to get to bottom of twitter incident. Seeing photo it wont be much.” […]

For ‘StephanieWDC’ Weiner has become hot property after his expose. “For my money, Rep Weiner can send me a pic of his junk every day of the week if he continues to legislate like he does,” the tweet says.

This is all very well and good. I am certainly not one to balk at massive expressions of humor at the expense of relatively pampered elected officials. But I have to ask: If Weiner was black, would all these people be guffawing?

I am trying to imagine, for example, if GOP presidential contender Herman Cain had gotten caught up in a similar peccadillo. Can you imagine the same level of sweetly sexy innuendo being tossed about in the Twitterverse? Would the man even have been given the chance to  try and find that “hacker” Weiner keeps babbling about?

I doubt it. If Weiner were black, this little fiasco would NOT have been so cute. The only laughter we would have heard would have been the sound of a black man being laughed out of politics.  But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

We’re just curious!

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