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Bernie Mac was a comedic genius along the lines of Robin Harris. He paid his dues on the comedy circuit for years before getting his big break on Def Comedy Jam. While many people will remember Bernie Mac from his performances in blockbusterslike Ocean’s 11 and Transformers, Mac was a lot more funny in his own element. Here goes our Top 5 funniest Bernie Mac moments.

1. Kings of Comedy: My Sisters Kid’s. In this clip, Mac takes the black tradition of turning tragedy into comedy. He is candidly honest and talking about his sister’s drug addiction and manages to make fun of the kids while showing his true affection for them. This clip is basis for his critically acclaimed TV show, The Bernie Mac Show.

2. Bernie Mac in Friday. Bernie Mac’s brief cameo if Friday was one of the funniest parts in a hillarious movie. He plays a convincing weed smoking skirt chasing preacher.

3. Debut Appearance on Def Comedy Jam. Despite his bright clothes, Bernie Mac still had an old school swagger. Mac shows his Robin Harris influence while introducing his character and introduces his catchphrase ‘I ain’t scared of y’all motherfuckers.’

4. Bernie Mac and Sugar Ray Leonard on The Bernie Mac Show. The Bernie Mac show was highly underrated. In the show Mac showed his tenderness and humanity under the rough, joke cracking exterior.

5. Don’t be a Menace. Bernie Mac had another hillarious cameo in the Wayans Bros’ parody.